When I kid-sit a 3 and a 4 year old, I would never think of giving one kid applesauce and not even offering any to the other kid. There would be crying, temper tantrums, probably some snot, and for sure- hurt feelings. Well AP news just dropped a story that's gonna send a huge percentage of state workers into full meltdown mode.

Bonuses have just been awarded to just 6% of North Dakota state workers. If you're one of those workers, you're feeling pretty darn good about it.  Bad thing is the bonuses were capped at $1,500.  Still more than the stimulus check am I right?

As for the other 94% of state workers- have a great weekend and we'll see ya back at work Monday morning!

I'm not a state worker.  I'm not an irate tax payer. I'm not against giving merit bonuses. Shoot, if you do a good job, somebody ought to throw you the occasional bone.  But everybody should have the same chancel to thrive, excel, prosper, and have a shot at nibbling that sweet bone!

Is $625,000 an outrageous amount for bonuses?  Seems the bonus amount last year was $606,000 so it's not that far off.  The part that throws me off is according to the AP story, only 26 of North Dakota's 53 agencies participated in the bonus program in fiscal 2020. Leaving thousands of workers not even being considered.

With agriculture, oil, retail, and Lord knows, everything else that's trying to recover during this COVID free fall, handing out bonuses, even if justified just doesn't pass the smell test.

Especially if you didn't bring enough applesauce for ALL the good kids.

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