Social conservatives seems to be having a field day in the North Dakota legislature this season. Here are three examples of what we're talking about...

UPDATE: The State Senate Monday voted to defeat the measure to rescind the ERA by a 24 - 23 vote. In addition, the House agreed to pass the parental Rights Bill without the controversial amendment.

PARENTAL RIGHTS BILL: An amended parental-rights bill pending in the State House is drawing fire.

NBC/North Dakota news says the bill now has an amendment to forbid the stripping of parental rights from a convicted rapist.

The sponsor of the original bill opposes the amendment and says it sends the wrong message.

ABORTION BILL: the Senate Friday endorsed legislation to would ban the most commonly used procedure in second-trimester abortions.

NBC/North Dakota News says senators voted to approve the bill Friday to outlaw the procedure known as dilation and evacuation. The bill uses the (non-medical) term “dismemberment abortion” to describe the procedure.

Gov. Burgum has not indicated whether he would sign the measure.

ERA ROLLBACK: the legislature is looking at a measure to nullify the state's 1975 support of the Equal Rights Amendment.

KXMB reports the resolution sponsored by seven Republican lawmakers - all male - says "Congress' deadline for ratification of the gender-equality amendment passed 40 years ago and is no longer valid."

[Sources: Bismarck Tribune, KXMB, KFYR-TV]

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