The crackdown on texting/driving in North Dakota is underway. Who in their right mind thinks this is a bad idea?  Funny you should ask...

As police departments across the state prepare to step up patrols for texting drivers, we discovered an opposing viewpoint on the subject.

The National Motorists Association, a Wisconsin-based advocacy group, claims the law is unnecessary, as distracted-driving laws already exist.

The association further asserts that laws that ban specific activities are bad public policy. They specifically address cell phone use:

A blanket prohibition of cell phone use by vehicle drivers is far easier to enforce than are inattentive driving laws. This eliminates the need for exercising thoughtful discretion and reasoned judgment. The issue appears black and white. That the cell phone user was causing no harm and endangering no one does not have to enter the decision making process.

Basically, they argue that the implementation of a specific law against texting while driving is nothing more than a PR move to satisfy the masses.

What do you think?

[Source: National Motorists Association]