As technology has progressed, texting and driving has become a major problem across the United States. According to a recent study, texting and driving amongst teens in the Dakotas is the highest in the country.

13,000 teens were surveyed nationwide and the findings, released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are startling: In South Dakota, 61% of teen drivers grades 9 through 12 admit to texting and/or emailing while driving.

The number is a bit lower in North Dakota, where 59% of teen drivers admitted to doing the same.

The CDC says the national average is about 41%, which is quite a bit lower than the average in the Dakotas.

According to The Bismarck Tribune, the CDC believes the numbers are higher in the Dakotas because teens can begin driving at 14 in South Dakota and 15 in North Dakota.

Texting while driving is currently banned in North Dakota. It will be banned in South Dakota very soon, as well.

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