A few weeks ago, we shared with you the news about law enforcement cracking down on texting and driving in North Dakota.  What was the result?


114 tickets were issued during the crackdown last month!  (Did you know that prior to this crackdown, from the time the law went into effect in 2011 to March of 2014, only 18 citations were issued throughout the whole state?)  Driving around Bismarck myself, I often see people texting and driving, and it’s scary to think they are so distracted while behind the wheel.   The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration agrees and has given North Dakota $424,000 as part of a national campaign to reduce distracted driving. 

Police have commented that it is difficult to catch violators of this law, as when they spot a police car, they hide the phone.  Part of the additional funding will go towards officers in unmarked cars (and plain clothes) to help catch people texting and driving.  Also, some of the money will go towards advertising to remind folks of the danger of distracted driving; you will likely see billboards and advertisements coming up later this year. 

Just as a refresher, since 2011, it is illegal to access or send electronic data through any device while operating a motor vehicle in North Dakota– this even applies while you are at a stop sign or stoplight.    Remember, you will receive a $100 fine for texting and driving, plus it is very dangerous.  According to federal data, 3,328 people were killed and about 421,000 people were injured nationally in distracted driving crashes in 2012.

Some phones can be set to “driving mode,” which automatically sends a reply such as “I am currently driving and will text you as soon as I arrive at my destination” to anyone who texts you while driving. Please put your phone down….. it is not worth it!!!

Source: The Bismarck Tribune