Online car insurance website EverQuote just released their new distracted driving report.

The company has an app called EverDrive which anyone can download on their phone. The app tracks people's driving habits including when you accelerate, brake hard, or use your phone while driving.

Shevaun Betzler, a representative for EverQuote told us via e-mail that roughly 1000 drivers in North Dakota have the app installed on their phone.

According to the data from the 1,000 North Dakota users, for every single drive that takes place in the state, there are 30 percent of drivers that are using their phone.

Here are other stats from the app:

  • 20% of drivers speed at any given time
  • 11% of drivers have excessive acceleration
  • 14% of drivers brake harshly
  • 9% of drivers turn poorly

EverQuote uses these number to rank states out of 100 with 100 being the highest ranking. North Dakota overall has a score of 87 which is the fourth highest score in the nation.

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