Texting while driving is a "JJ Hemingway NO NO!"  Either pull off on the side of the road and send a text, or DON'T DO IT.


Apparently peer pressure is a good thing when it comes to teens and safe driving. According to a new national survey, teens are less likely to text or use their cell phones while driving with their friends in the car. Fewer than a third of teens say they text and e-mail when behind the wheel while driving friends, but a whopping 95 percent admit to doing so when driving alone. Scary.

Researchers say these numbers reflect that it is becoming socially unacceptable for young drivers to take risks behind the wheel when other lives are potentially at stake. This is great news for parents who worry that a bunch of kids in a young driver's car is a distraction. It seems that it might be safer for your teen to drive with friends rather than alone. (NBCNews)