This news article reminds me of the famous expression "Double-Edged-Sword". I'll get to what that means in just a second - I read the headlines and it instantly made me sad. According to Foxnews 'Pets Adopted During The Pandemic Are Being Returned At Record Numbers'. This is a trend that is happening all over the country. The reasoning is this, now that life has started to return back to normal people are coming to the realization that they were not as prepared as they thought when they brought home a pet. Some have an excuse that since they are back at their workplace, they don't have the time and effort to take care of an animal (do they have that same thought process towards a family member - a human being?). When you decided to take home an animal in the first place, you had the right idea, please don't turn around and backtrack on something so wonderful for a homeless animal - Don't let the "Double-Edged-Sword" be a crutch. It's not fair.

Shelters across the United States are seeing higher than average rates of return. Here at our radio station, Scott McGowan experienced this first hand when back in March he adopted Daisy, a dog that had been returned to Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue here in town. There are also those who say since they are able to travel again, it's not feasible for them to continue to CARE for a pet while they are on vacation. I wasn't going to pass judgment on anyone until now, that's a piss-poor excuse for someone to use for "giving up on an animal". There are circumstances beyond some control for people to bring back their pets, I get that - BUT when you make that decision to invest some time and care into adopting an animal that simply needs love, affection, and a home - PLEASE be ready to be responsible! Think it through before you carelessly return a poor animal that was given some personal care and attention. Let your conscience be your guide - to return a pet that has been given a brand new life is cruel and selfish.


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