I think we all agree that it's a big-time relief to be able to have that freedom again to be out and about among a crowd. Last year with COVID-19 shutting down virtually every activity, from entertainment (going to the movies) to sports events (high school, college, and even at the professional level), AND for a lot of people not being able to go to a fair or concert was the most disappointing blow.

Summertime tradition comes back -North Dakota State Fair and the Minnesota State Fair

As our masks came off one by one, and vaccine shots were made available to everyone, we were able to take an easy road trip to Minot to see Billy Idol (who was canceled last year) and Lynyrd Skynyrd take the stage in late July - the smell of fried foods filled the summer fair air - perfect. There were crowds of people again!

So then someone tell me WHAT happened Monday Night at the Minnesota State Fair?

The very first thing I thought of when I read this story was WHY??? Tim Harlow, Star Tribune reported that a spokesman for the Ramsay County Sheriff's Office said "A crowd attempted to push through the main gates of the Minnesota State Fair on Monday night and law enforcement officers used a chemical agent to break up the group"

That action prevented other people from leaving the fair

Police have not given any reason for the incident, and it was also reported that one man had a gun. Fortunately, no injuries occurred, and still the question WHY? Minnesota has had a history of dealing with volatile crowds over other incidents involving police brutality and racial tension - but come on, this was at a fair, where people of all ages come to eat different foods, check out some animal exhibits, do what families have come to embrace - NOT assemble as a mass crowd and attempt to charge through the main gates. That's just stupid. I'm sure we will find out more info as the days go by.



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