After 12 months of construction, the Dream Center was announced as 'complete' back in mid-April. The 3.1 million dollar project was done, and those behind it were ready to hit the ground running.

The facility has already hosted community meals, and started some of their other programs. An open house was also held a couple weeks ago, so the public could get a look at this 24,000 sq ft facility. Now, they want to make it official a ribbon cutting event.

The Ceremony:

The ribbon cutting will take place this afternoon (May 4th) from 12 to 1 pm. The Bisman community is invited to come celebrate the opening of the facility. There will be speakers, a ribbon cutting, then lunch held at held at the property.

If you're not sure where its located, it's at 1805 Park Ave in Bismarck.

More On The Dream Center:

The Dream Center is meant to be a place for the community; a place where people can come for meals, but it's not just that. The Dream Center will also be a place where many other community programs will be hosted. It's all about helping each other and giving back to those in need. It's truly something special.

The Mission:

When I spoke to the owners a couple weeks ago they told me their mission was simple, but powerful;  "Find a need and fill it." -- And that's exactly what they plan to do.

I'm sure we will see many great things come from this facility, and the people of Bismarck will be nothing short of excited to see it reach its full potential.



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