On Saturday, I got a chance to take a bike ride down River Road and this is what I saw.

As you know, I ride a street mountain bike and I like to do rides from time to time. This weekend I rode down River Road all the way to the end and thought they should probably re-name the road ‘The Food Chain’.

Never have I seen so many animals in one path on any of my rides in my life. Actually, the only other ride was in Medora where there were buffalo walking around.

Now back to River Road. Apparently, there are deer that wander onto the road and follow you. I thought this doe that was behind me for a half a mile actually thought I was related to it. Then, of course, you're coasting along and see a prairie dog yipping on its hind legs right in front of you and you break, hit the sidewalk and go flying. Luckily, you wore your helmet and didn't land in the waiting arms of a bear, which I've heard have been spotted there as well.

All in all, it’s a nice route to ride. Just watch out for hawks, deer, prairie dogs, ducks and geese. Oh, and wear a helmet!

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