We are starting to become familiar with what used to be daily routines, now shutting down to a halt. The coronavirus causing major havoc, not only is this pest taking lives, it's also destroying our wounded economy. The strategy is to now self isolate, to somehow try and stop the massive spreading. All around the country, people have been told to "stay home".

Locally we are seeing workplaces that are either closed, or have completely altered their way of serving the community. What we so easily and naturally took for granted, like sitting inside a restaurant to eat, now delivery is available. The task at hand, to be creative and still provide service, and STAY in business.

When Prairie Knights Casino & Resort made their announcement today, that they will shut down TEMPORARILY until further notice, they made that difficult decision out of concern for the health and safety for guests, their families and the larger community. This is a huge entertainment facility that first and foremost cares about people. That to me, spells out love and respect.

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