In case you didn't know, there is a website dedicated to track flu cases in North Dakota.

If you plan to travel, the Center for Disease Control provides an interactive map tracking flu cases across the country and that can tell you when it is time to panic.

If you click North Dakota on the map though, it brings you to this dedicated page to track flu cases by county in North Dakota.

The flu tracker not only shows how many cases of the flu there are by breaking it down by county but it also breaks it down by the type of flu, the age of people who have had the flu, if anyone has been hospitalized and more.

It's still early in the flu season so fortunately there have not been many cases of the flu yet. But as the website admits, the numbers on this site are likely lower than the actual amount of flu cases. The statistics are based on what the North Dakota Department of Health receives but obviously every single case of the flu is not reported.

We can hopefully keep the level of flu cases low together by getting a flu shot.

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