Health Freedom North Dakota would like to have a conversation with us about vaccinations. They made their group readily accessible this past Sunday afternoon from 2 PM to 5 PM in downtown Bismarck. Admittedly, there's a heck of a lot less people buzzing around downtown Bismarck on a Sunday versus a weekday but it was the groups first time out together. KX News caught up with Health Freedom North Dakota members were on the sidewalk with signs featuring slogans like "Vaccine makers are exempt from liability", "Vaccines can cause injury and death", "Live virus vaccines shed and spread", and "HPV vaccine known to cause ovarian failure, sterilization, and death".

I like the "shed and spread" line because people certainly absorb information better when presented in rhyming form.

On their Facebook page, the event was presented as an "Educational Demonstration" which is great because we could all use some reasonable conversation about  issues that divide us.  When hearing I was writing up this story, my colleague Rockin' Rick proclaimed straight up that vaccinations are on the top 5 subjects not to bring up at Thanksgiving.

Well said sir.

Back to the Health Freedom North Dakota Facebook page.  Seems it started in October of 2019 and currently has 723 members.  It's a private group so you have to be a member to access any other information.  I didn't join myself.  That kinda quicksand will sink a person faster than turkey and gravy.

In the KX video, most members were wearing t-shirts proclaiming "When there is risk,  there must be choice".

Hmmm...isn't "freedom of choice" another thing not to bring up on Turkey Day?

The group seems to be planning more of these educational demonstrations- hopefully we'll be talking soon about the danger of an existing COVID-19 vaccination.

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