In this bit of sharing, I am completely giving it up to these incredibly hard working, dedicated, and amazingly on-point-people, that have mobilized into a Taking Care of Business(TCB) closely knit group of community organizers that have risen to assist those whom have lost so much. It's mind blowing that many of them, come with lessons learned from only a year ago. You can read on in this article, or at anytime go directly to every link provided to discover how you can help. The main page is right here. 

 It begins with this link or read on...
Mandan's Be-A-Good-Neighbor, a committee of the Mandan Lions, is accepting donations for the Apartment Fire in North Mandan! 100% of your donation will go to the relief effort. You can donate here or make your check payable to Be A Good Neighbor and drop it off at any Security First Bank in Mandan, Bismarck, New Salem or Center. Can also be sent to Be A Good Neighbor, PO Box 422, Mandan ND 58554.
With a swift assist from NISC, this year's organization is better poised to help.  Again click the link or read can always click later.
WE HAVE A SITE! Beginning Friday, donations can be brought to our new location: 3305 Old Red Trail (Blue building). A huge thank you to NISC!
Please ensure donations are in good condition and on our daily lists (we will begin posting Thursday night and each night after).
Now, to equip the operation. You can help I bet. click a link here
Our new shop/office is amazing but empty. We could use the following:
Garbage cans and bags(large ones)
Push broom
Broom and dust pan
Box Fans
Extension cords
Power strips
Hand soap
Air Freshener
Bathroom garbage cans
3 desks
8-10 desk chairs
PM with any questions.
There is now room for the big stuff families and people need.  Have something to help? Click this link

Bring your, in good condition, items for the Mandan Fire Victims to our new donation center. Visit our Facebook page for items being sought. Open Friday and Saturday 9-6, Sunday 12-6. Furniture and household items are welcome.


Things You Can Donate...Y'know If They're In Good Shape.

Here are the heartbreaking suggestions of where the displaced go from here- click the
link if ya like.
Suggestions when going in to retrieve belongings:
1. take photos and videos. Lots of them.
2. Start with items that can't be replaced such as photos, important documents including ids, birth certificates, etc. Place them in bins or bags.
3. If time, gather other items like clothes. Things that can be replaced. Depending on smoke and water damage, you may want to leave electronics. Gather children's toys, etc. Leave the food. High possibility it is contaminated.
4. WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR. Especially a face mask, gloves, and old clothing if possible.
5. Shower after.
6. Don't bring children with if possible.
7. Stop up at the Blackstone after and update what you need, etc.
8. Breathe, cry, scream. Do what you need to take care of yourself. Ask for help. It will be OK.
Thank you all for being here.  With your help,recovery will happen for our neighbors that are suffering so much.  We're fortunate you have our backs.
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