Now that the NFL season is officially over, you might be tempted to listen to your wife or girlfriend and stop watching sports.

Don't do it!

If she continues to nag you about being such a big sports fan, just explain to her that there are actually health benefits that being a sports fan brings, including:


It inspires you to get active – It's just basic logic. Cooking shows inspire you to cook and eat. Sports inspire you to get active.

Watching sports is a workout in itself – While it's not quite the same as going for a 10-mile run, yelling, screaming and waving your arms around while watching games burns an extra 100 calories per hour.

You'll live longer – Research has shown that improving your relationships with buddies helps you live longer. What better way to improve those relationships than by watching sports together?

It will make you smarter – A recent study from the University of Chicago found that watching games is actually a workout for your brain. It improves the brain's ability to absorb and digest information as well as get you geared up to take action. (Yahoo)

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