All I wanted to do was park my car and go into my apartment.

Easier said than done.

As usual, I tried to back into my garage. It makes it much safer to pull out of my garage. But unfortunately as I went to back in, snow drifts in front of my garage did not allow my car to move.

As I tried to move forward, I couldn't do that either. I had to get out and shovel the snow behind my car which you don't see in the video since the camera faces the front. After I got back in the car (and noticed another car trying to get by me), I again tried to back in to no avail.

So I pulled around and tried to get the car to go past me. At first she did not understand that I was trying to motion her to go by me. But I got out of my car to shovel more snow and then the other driver drove by.

Unfortunately for her (and for me), I realized as I was shoveling for the second time my car was blocking her garage so she couldn't get in to hers!

I shoveled as quickly as I could, got back in my car, and both of us got into our garages.

Winter in North Dakota sucks. The proof is in the video above.

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