If you think you're paying a lot for a case of beer in North Dakota, just be glad we're not in Wyoming or Alaska.

Simple Thrifty Living recently went out of their way to find out how much the average price of a case of beer costs in every state. In North Dakota, if you happen to have a $20 bill on you, you're in luck. The average price of a 24-pack of beer in North Dakota costs $19.47.

While we certainly don't have the least expensive beer, like the lucky people of Illinois who pay $15.20 for a case, it could definitely be a lot worse. Several states are paying over $20 for a case of beer, including our neighbors to the west in Montana with their price at $22.28.

We're not really sure what the people of Wyoming or Alaska did to have the hardships of high-priced beer unleashed upon them. In Wyoming, the average price for a case of beer is $26.68. Alaska has it the worst, with a price of $31.21. Sorry Alaskans, we're thinking of you.

You can check out what each state pays by clicking here.

So whether you're stocking up on brews for tonight's big game, or just so you can wait out the impending winter storm about to hit by slamming back a few cold ones in the safety of your homes, please purchase and drink responsibly.

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