Winter has officially started in North Dakota. I think we all appreciate the milder start to the cold season this year, compared to last year when we had a record amount of snow.

In comparison, locally in the Bis-Man area, we received a dusting of snow to make a white Christmas, which is always nice.

If an out-of-state family member or friend would ask you "where is the best town to visit in the winter in North Dakota", what would you say?

Garrison, ND, known as the Christmas Capital of ND would be a nice suggestion, but listed the best small town to visit in every state during the winter months. The criteria was simple, Cheapism made a list of the best small towns in every state to experience the winter months

For North Dakota, Cheapism listed Medora as the best small town to experience winter in North Dakota.  Medora is an entertaining town during the summer months with the musical. Outside of that event, the small town of less than 2500 residents is a quaint Western town, home of the Cowboy Museum, hotels and eateries.

You can see all the cute small towns to experience winter in every state here.

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