In North Dakota, the oil and agriculture industries have many employees, but they are not the highest paying jobs.

When people move to North Dakota, it is typically for jobs. But the job that pays the most in the state may surprise you. Unless of course, you know what the highest paying job in America is.

The highest paying job in America is also the highest paying job in North Dakota. That may not sound surprising until you find out that the particular job we are talking about is only the highest paying job in a handful of states according to Business Insider.

The top paying job in North Dakota is an anesthesiologist. An anesthesiologist makes about $283,200 per year. North Dakota is actually a great place to be an anesthesiologist because although that is the top paying job in just a few states, in North Dakota they make more money than in other state.

Here is how much anesthesiologists get paid in the other states where it is the highest paying profession:

  1. North Dakota - $283,200
  2. Iowa - $280,020
  3. Maryland - $272,420
  4. California - $264,040
  5. Louisiana - $263,740
  6. Indiana - $261,750
  7. Ohio - $258,960
  8. Connecticut - $257,710
  9. New York - $257,040

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