These days when people don't know how to do something, they simply Google it.

The real estate blog Estately, put together a list of what each state Google's how to do more than any other state.

In North Dakota, Estately highlights two questions that North Dakotans seem to ask more than those in any of the other 49 states:

  • How to get a passport
  • How to boil eggs

Clearly it seems a lot of North Dakotans want to leave the country, though hopefully just for vacation and not permanently. It's not that bad in the US is it?

Anyway, we here at Townsquare Media would love to help you with these two questions.

If you are looking to get a passport, the post office is your friend. You can pick up a passport application form at the nearest post office or you can grab an application from the USPS website. It's important to note that if you want a Passport, you will have to pay a fee of at least $135 and it also takes four to six weeks to process your application and receive your passport. So if you plan to take a vacation out of the country and don't have your passport yet, make sure you apply for it more than 30 days out, otherwise you won't get your passport in time. You can pay higher fees to get your passport quicker, but even then it still takes two to three weeks.

In terms of boiling eggs, depending on who you talk to, you may hear different tips and tricks. But simply put, take eggs and place them in cold water in a sauce pan. Cover the eggs about an inch. Then bring the water to a full rolling boil over high heat. Once you get the boil, turn off the stove, cover the pan, and let the eggs sit. If you want soft boiled eggs, let them sit for between three and six minutes depending on how runny you want the yolk to be. If you want hard boiled eggs, let them sit for 10 to 15 minutes depending on how firm you want the eggs.

Then it is time to peel the eggs. If you made soft boiled eggs, transfer them straight to a bowl of ice for about a minute and then peel and enjoy.

If you made hard boiled eggs, take the eggs and crack them in a few spots with a spoon or on the counter top and then place them in a bowl of ice water for one minute. Peel and enjoy.

The more you know.