There's one day in North Dakota that you may want to avoid driving anywhere.

The website GeoTab released a report showing which day is the most dangerous to drive in each state.

Of course generally speaking, they say holidays can be more dangerous as more people are traveling and many holidays such as New Year's or July 4th involve copious amounts of alcohol.

However, the most dangerous day to drive in North Dakota is not near any holiday. Here's how GeoTab determined the most dangerous day to drive in each state:

To determine the most dangerous day to drive in each state, we calculated a Fatal Crash Rate that is based on the number of fatal crashes that occurred in the US between 2006 and 2015, taken from Fatality Analysis Reporting System. The raw number of crashes on each day was then weighted by the vehicle miles travelled in each state, obtained from Traffic Volume Trends. Fatal Crash Rate represents number of fatal road accidents per 1 billion vehicle–miles driven. Days with the highest Fatal Crash Rates were deemed the most dangerous.

The most dangerous day to drive in North Dakota is Sept. 30 where the fatal crash rate is 37.8. The crash rate for the U.S. overall on Sept. 30 is 12.8.

It's not entirely clear why Sept. 30 has proven to be so deadly in North Dakota. Certainly there are certain hunting seasons that open around that time such as geese, ducks, and coots but you wouldn't think that would be the cause. And of course even here in North Dakota, we rarely see snow that time of year.

Whatever the case may be, you may want to avoid driving on Sept. 30 this year… and it shouldn't be too hard to do. It falls on a Saturday in 2017. You can watch the NDSU football game (they're home against Missouri State) on TV.

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