Throughout our lives, we get injured a lot. And sometimes people who live in the same area suffer similar kinds of injuries.

The company Amino, just released the most common injuries in every state as well as the injuries that occur in each state more than any other state.

When it comes to injuries that North Dakotans get more than residents of any other state, that honor goes to "over-exertion." The data is based off of insurance claims.

Of course over-exertion is not too unusual for the people of North Dakota where many citizens are farmers or are doing other physical and labor-intensive work.

And as brutal as our winters are, we can get some pretty hot summer days and sometimes we tend to over-do it.

Weirdly in our neighboring states of both Minnesota and South Dakota, the most disproportionate common injury they suffer is "spine dislocation." That sounds incredibly painful.

As far as the most common injury in North Dakota, that would be an "open wound." An "open wound" or "bruising" was literally the most common injury in every single state. Except in Colorado. In Colorado, the most common injury is "falling." We'll blame the mountains for that one.

Stay safe out there and try not to work too hard! See the full results here.

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