The blog Estately, which continues to provide fun data on every state is at it again showing us the products each state Googles more than any other.

The product that North Dakota Googles more than any other state makes way too much sense. It's a George Foreman Grill! Of course! We all love to grill and yet we never seem to get the opportunity with winter lasting seemingly forever.

It makes sense that people want a George Foreman Grill so they can still cook steaks, burgers, hot dogs and more even when they're stuck inside due to copious amounts of snow.

I myself am the proud owner of a George Foreman Grill though I have had one long before I moved to North Dakota. It makes food taste great and it squeezes a lot of the fat out of the meat!

Other products North Dakotans frequently Google other than a George Foreman Grill according to Estately are, noise cancelling headphones, Total Gym, Jet Ski, Wii, capri pants, and cat costumes.

We'll talk about the cat costume thing some other time.

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