We are coming up on Thanksgiving and that is yielding some very specific search results from North Dakotans.

Even though the nearest holiday is Thanksgiving, it seems that people all over the country have other things on their mind. Typically these things relate to Black Friday, Christmas, or vacations.

So Travel and Leisure looked at Google data and showed us what people in each state are searching for around this time of year.

The most popular search is for a 'plant nursery,' presumably so people can find themselves a Christmas tree.

But in North Dakota, the most popular search is actually for 'furniture stores.' It could be because people are looking to score some Black Friday deals. It could also just be the fact that we know the dead of winter is coming and we're going to be stuck inside our homes a lot. It's definitely a good time to make sure we have comfortable beds, couches, and chairs because we're about to spend a whole lot of time on those.

Good luck in your search for furniture. And for great deals on items all year long and not just on Black Friday, remember to constantly be checking SeizeTheDeal.com.

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