To me when you're in a committed relationship---whether it's dating or marriage--you DO NOT cheat and fool around with someone else.  That to me is a BIG NO-NO!!    Some people don't have those convictions and there are things guys do that can drive a women to think about cheating, or maybe even cross the line.   Here's the lowdown on women, mens behavior and cheating!!



73% of women surveyed said the main reason they jumped in bed with another man was because of irritating behaviors.  I have a list of the behavior women DO NOT like and they may use as an excuse for running around on their guy.  So---guys take notes and make sure you don't do these things.  

He lacks a good sense of humor – 19%

He's not understanding enough – 16%

He's not good in the bedroom – 14%

He lacks good manners – 11%

He's lazy and doesn't have any ambition – 10%

He doesn’t care about his appearance and he has poor personal hygiene – 9%

He's not successful with his career – 7%

He doesn't pay enough attention to details and his social obligations – 5%

He's unable to clean up after himself(socks,  underwear laying around) and he's a mama's boy – 5%

He's stingy and never spends a dime on anyone but himself – 4% (Huffington Post)

None of these excuses to me are valid to cause cheating...but they are a word to the wise!!

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