This story is too good not to share here on line.  I did share it Friday morning at the COOL 98.7 Breakfast Table and this is a story about one great mom.  She is in my book---"Most Cool!"


Now that so many schools have a zero-tolerance when it comes to bullying, it's even stranger when the bullying comes from the school itself.  One school official took away a high school student's lunch and then---get this---threw it away in the trash in front of the entire cafeteria(hundreds of students witnessing this) – all because the student had an outstanding balance on his lunch tab of less than $5.

Here's where this mom becomes a real hero.   When the student's mother got wind of this, she was so upset, but decided to use her anger to do something really cool.  In order to avoid any other child having to be humiliated in the way  her kid was---this mother named Amanda paid off the lunch balances of every student in the high school.  It cost Amanda around $200, but it was worth it to to her to save other kids from having to endure what her son when through.

Way to go this very COOL Mom!  And shame on this school! (Huff Post)

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