Sorry, i came late to this party.  The Colonial Lounge and Liquor Store is 100% closed. Maybe you already knew this.  Maybe, you made your "I gotta go one more time!" trip to the Colonial.  Maybe, you wanted to...but corona caution still weighs on your mind.  Either way the Colonial remembers your antics from the past.

I've got a story or two that I can't share with you due to ongoing litigation and I'm looking to sign a book deal.  I kid of course... because YOU have better Colonial stories than me.  Although I do have a whopper- just ask me some time.

But, there are family friendly stories too! I did see a very young Brianna Helbling playing outside in the gazebo. It was the time when Taylor Swift inspired so many young girls to pick up a guitar.  And, Brianna hasn't put it down!  Her Outsiders band is great. Pick a different venue to see her cuz the gazebo's going down.

2020 has been a bad for most ALL business.

Especially if your bar business is combined with a hotel property!  The bottom drops out out of the oilfield and it hurts extended stay hotels. The region built a million new hotels for work crews, so I assume prices are getting cut to put butts in beds.

COVID-19 shuts your business down! Straight up shut it down. Many of you are dealing with the same.

But 2020 may actually be- just another year for the Colonial.

Another year, another old building was just getting older.  So go we all.

Look for so many new developments coming soon to this area of The Strip.  Including the corner of Memorial Highway and 46th Avenue Southeast. But tell me that someone is going to give them big bucks for that new sign they put up. It's awesome!

Colonial thanks for giving folks a place to open up a bit..Everyone, just remember to keep your stories from the kids.

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