Another school shooting. Friday. Texas. 

The story is developing and we'll try not to insult your intelligence with the usual cliches. Here's what we know:

Santa Fe, Texas. Eight dead. Three injured students reported hospitalized. A police officer also reportedly wounded.

Police say the shooter, a male, is in custody. A second student detained for questioning.

No doubt there will be the usual rushes to judgement on both sides.

We'll have the usual talking heads saying the usual purile, predictable things. We've heard it all before. The usual "experts" bending the facts like a pretzel to find their agenda.

Put God back in the school. Arm the teachers. Kids overmedicated. Kids undermedicated. More guns. Less guns. No guns. It's Obama's fault. It's Trump's fault. Death penalty. Mental health.

Thoughts and prayers.

And on it goes.

And we'll wander around in a stupor for a few days.

Then we'll all get on with our lives.

Then another shooting.







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