For 45 years Bismarck has had the pleasure to have this place nestled in at 1045 E Interstate

We see it all the time as the years go by, some businesses come about, stick around for a while, and then one day they are gone. There may be new owners that come in and completely change the face of their shop and go a completely different direction. Since 1976, what began as a cheese and sausage shop, transformed into a reliable fun unique restaurant. Think about that, 45 years in the same location. That's pretty rare, families from around the neighborhood basically grew up with this charming place. What happens though when vandalism comes into play? Completely destroys everything great.

Pete Conlin has had a rough 16 days

For 8 years Pete Conlin has owned Country House Deli. That kind of experience is hard to come by in the competitive world of running a business. They say that the first year is always the toughest. Last month, on the 27th, on the Country House Deli's Facebook page, they posted this "I discovered this morning that our outdoor compressor to our cooler was sabotaged. Someone left us a present by cutting the coolant line. It was very obvious and purposeful" Amateur kids messing around, I doubt it. Just this morning another disturbing post..."CLOSED TODAY>>>WE GOT HIT AGAIN -The vandals came back with a vengeance and it appears that they are looking for copper. Our compressor was cut again and most of the air handling units for the building were either stolen outright or gutted. We have reported it to the police"

"I would hope that one person out there noticed something unusual and will report it"

The Country House Deli is located in a small business strip, with other businesses connected to it. Sometime after 5:00 pm and 7:00 am this morning, purposeful sabotage took place. The frustrating part is that the individuals involved in this seemed to know exactly what to target and how to go about it. Pete told me on the phone this afternoon that "I would hope that one person out there noticed something unusual and will report it" I hope the very same thing.



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