Earlier this week, a poll was released showing who North Dakota is rooting for in the Super Bowl. As expected, Twitter reacted in the only way we would expect.

It seemed shocking that North Dakota was one of just five states rooting for the New England Patriots. In fact, our state is the only one not located in the New England region to root for the Patriots. All of that on top of the fact that Bismarck's very own hometown hero, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, has a chance at earning a Super Bowl ring.

North Dakota already receives quite a bit of flack on Twitter in general. Once the poll was released, Twitter decided to let North Dakota have it.

That last one's my personal favorite. I literally laughed out loud at the 'one guy in North Dakota with internet.' However, many came to the defense of the Philly faithful in North Dakota.

It should definitely be an interesting final week leading up to the big game.

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