You don't see too many exotic animals in North Dakota; this weekend, you will see exactly that. Or rather, "Alternative" animals will be sold at auction this weekend.

People travel from all over to attend this auction.

This Saturday (May 6th), the Midwest Alternative Livestock Auction will take place at the New Salem Fairgrounds, starting at 10 am.

What Exotic Animals?

No, you will not be able to be the next Joe Exotic; there won't be any wild/big cats sold. That's the last thing we need to escape on someone's farm or ranch.

According to the the Midwest Alternative Livestock Auction's Facebook page, they plan to sell everything from miniature horses, donkeys, goats, and llamas to ducks, chickens peacocks, white peacocks, longhorns, and even longhaired Highlander cattle.

Those are definitely some unique animals.

Side note: I think peacocks are pretty cool, but I wouldn't know what a person would do with one as a pet. Are they just a flex? Are they just one of those animals you show off to your house guests? Hmm...

Not judging, just wondering.

I will say, I would love to have a goat or llama. Obviously, the lama would need to be named Tina 2


 Did You Know?

Did you know these types of auctions take place in North Dakota? How do you feel about it? Would you go? Would you ever consider buying these animals?

The auction's Facebook page says this is a family-fun event, even if you're not looking to buy, and there will be concessions and picture opportunities

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