Scrolling through Facebook, I stumbled across this incredible video. It captures Friday night's weather scare.

It looks like there's a formation of a tornado behind the main stage at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot.

Take a look at this:

A woman named Donna Murschel-Helgeson shared this video to the "Weather in North Dakota" Facebook group. She gave me permission to share this video.

Kid Rock Cancelled

In this video you see people crowded around the stage in hope and anticipation of the Kid Rock concert that was set to happen that evening.

Of course, I'm sure you heard the Kid Rock concert was cancelled and tickets were refunded as a result of the inclement weather. While I know many were frustrated, maybe after seeing this, it was the right decision..?

North Dakotans Made National News

Our frustrations were heard around the country; our response to the cancellation made national headlines. Reports indicate that people in the crowd were throwing beer at the stage and some of the venue was destroyed.

In the picture, you see news outlets in Detroit and even Atlanta reported this incident.

An Interesting Point

While some thought the decision to cancel the concert was justified, others argued that if it was such a concern why didn't they shut down everything else? Many people commented on Facebook that the midway/rides were still open and operating.

I'll admit, that is a good question.


Obviously, this didn't develop into a tornado; if it did I'm sure you would've heard about it. Many commented on the video that it was just dirt kicked up from the thunderstorm, but I don't know, it looks pretty ominous to me.

In any case, if this had turned into a severe weather situation, it wouldn't be ideal to have everyone grouped together in one spot without any way to take cover.


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