According to a Wallet Hub survey North Dakota ranks 51st in "states where people need loans the most due to the coronavirus pandemic".  That's right- 51st in "states".  Okay fine, Washington DC is in there too.  Lemme give you a chance to first view the stats, methodology, and malarkey of this Wallet Hub survey so we can come to our own conclusions afterwards.  Also, that word survey was a clickable link that would take you to the story but I bet you knew that.

So North Dakota doesn't always get a fair shake due to our sparse population and our don't-care-what-you-say way of life.  Per capita I'm sure we're competitive in the rising unemployment rate cited in the Wallet Hub article.  We all know darn well last season was terrifying for many farmers and ranchers. Our restaurants and small businesses are facing harsh financial situations and hard decisions.  But what this survey seems to be saying is that the rate of which North Dakotan's are searching online for loan related terms is the lowest in the country.

Maybe it's because- we just go to Bill at the bank or Christy over at the credit union? Maybe it's because our farmers and ranchers applied for loans months ago?  Maybe it's because we have the only state-owned bank in the country? Maybe it's because we can't make as much noise as more populated states? But, let's make one thing abundantly clear- many North Dakotans need loans now and if we can't find them 'round here first- then Wallet Hub, we'll see y'all on the internet.


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