Here in ND, we may not be officially "closed" but we are responsible enough to stay put til it's safe. Keeping safety first will keep us at the head of the line when it comes time to dip our toes in the water of life as it was before.

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Getty Images/Photo by Scott Olson

We have all been waiting a long time to go just about anywhere. Honestly, I think I might need to ease myself back into crowded situations. I believe many of you agree with me on this- I see the reactions when someone breaks the six foot barrier at the store. So, when the all-clear is called- you can refer back to these GET OUT OF THE HOUSE destinations that should have you back in your own beds that very night.

If it truly is the light at the end of the tunnel- let's go see North Dakota's longest tunnel! Even better- it's a tunnel and a railroad bridge. Even better- the railroad bridge is a "lift bridge"!

Couldn't be cooler or more remote located just west of Alexander near the Montana border.  Walk on the bridge and through the tunnel with more photos and another story posted here.

Unfortunately the tunnel is also collapsing.

Keep checking back for more DAY-TRIP destinations here in North Dakota.  One more thing- I actually love crowded situations and look forward to hanging out with y'all again.

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