Setting the record straight, I have been deemed an "essential worker" since the very beginning of the pandemic.   We in radio are here to keep the public informed and entertained; and I believe we do a bang-up job of it.  So while so very many of our local businesses, national chains, schools, government facilities, and more were shutdown during the crisis- our radio stations remained open.  We had options and equipment available to broadcast from our homes- but I found it easier to drive over the Memorial Bridge every day and broadcast from our sanitized studios.

So I can't put myself in everyone's mindset during what must have been a tedious and stressful time (especially if you've got kids!). So, I took it upon myself to enter the experience- and spend a week at home!

OK, to set the record even straighter, I've been at my job a long, long time and accrue a bunch of vacation days every year and if I don't use 'em I lose 'em. So I burned a week and stuck around the house.  Was it like your experience of literally being housebound? Heck no- I was at our Bike Night debut Wednesday night at Sickies Garage and made occasional appearances out and about.  But I did slip into the quarantine quicksand that is- just hanging around the house. A week might not have been enough...although my liver would like a vote.  So what happened?  Let's start with...

Not Making The Most Of Being At Home


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