Hotdog! It's a food you really never hear a lot about. And where would the best hotdog in the state be located at?

Where in Bismarck do you go to get a real good hotdog? Gourmandize recently published the best hotdog from every state. From personal experience, I thought for sure the best hotdog in the state would go to DogMahal near the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. These things range from plain all-beef dogs for $2 to extraordinary creations such as Fireballs of Freedom, loaded with spicy meatball marinara sauce, their own speical “dogma” sauce, mozzarella cheese, and spicy giardiniera. Your fat mouth is having a huge party! We can not pass through Grand Forks on the way to Lake of The Woods without our annual pit-stop.

But the best hotdog award goes to  Wurst Bier Hall . You'll flip at the cheese curds as a starter and then go for the  German Sausage and load it with of onion and you know you must have the kraut, on fresh bread! Have a breath mint after!

You can see the complete here.

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