I have to admit, Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday.  Christmas snobs are probably shaking their heads right now, but hear me out.  Thanksgiving is better for so many reasons.

First off, the food is out of this world.  All the incredible, edible side dishes.  I pretty much LOVE them all with the exception of cranberries & bean casserole.  Please vote for your least favorite side dish below.  Mashed potatoes and gravy will make or break a meal.  My Mother always made the BEST turkey gravy in the world.  Next most important on the side dish power rankings is the stuffing.  Again, this could make or break a meal.  Home-made is always better than the box stuff.  Followed by Lefsa (must have butter and brown sugar) sweet potatoes (I've grown to like more as I've got older) cranberries (not a big fan) and bean casserole coming in last.  (YUCK, not a fan)  Again, be sure to vote for your "LEAST FAVORITE" side dish below.

Next reason why Thanksgiving is better than the rest of the holidays?  Way less stress.  Even if the relatives are coming  over, it's usually a day trip.  You don't have to buy any presents either, which takes away even more stress.  A lot easier on the pocket book too.  Other Thanksgiving traditions I love include watching football, getting a family football game going in the backyard, going to the movies, putting up the Christmas tree, go for a quick pheasant hunt and family board games.

I know I'm not in the majority on this one, but this is why I have always loved Thanksgiving more than any other holiday.  This years COVID Thanksgiving is sure to be a bit different or a lot smaller.  I still hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.

Please VOTE below for your LEAST favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish!  THANKS


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