Peter Tefft, a known white nationalist in North Dakota has written a letter to the editor in Fargo's Inforum newspaper endorsing North Dakota Republicans.

In the letter published this morning (Dec. 7), Tefft writes:

I will continue to support Campbell for Senate because like President Trump he is running on a pro-white platform. I've written before how Trump is a proxy and a catalyst for the left's anti-white and anti-Christian bigotry, so the same goes for Tom.

At the end of his letter, Tefft also expresses his support for Kevin Cramer in the House of Representatives:

I hope the North Dakota GOP continues to support Tom Campbell because supporting anyone else will be a big waste of money. Thank goodness for Kevin Cramer, if he runs again it will be an easy victory as well to keep his House seat.

In the letter, Tefft also states that Tom Campbell had previously blocked his comments but felt it was done because "it's just politics" and Tefft stated he was not offended by it.

In response, the Democratic Party of North Dakota released a statement on Twitter calling on Tom Campbell and Kevin Cramer to renounce the endorsement.

As of this posting, Campbell and Cramer have not issued a response.

Back in August, Tefft gained attention when he was spotted among white nationalists in Charlottesville and his father wrote a letter to the editor denouncing his son's beliefs.

In Tefft's letter this morning, he addressed his father's comments saying that just like Campbell, his beliefs were rejected just because that is the politically correct approach.

Similar to the situation with my immediate family, it is the safest thing to do in this anti-white political climate.

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