It's a fact, we all make mistakes, but when it ends with lives lost - what should be the punishment?

This is what a Williston man found out yesterday in court. After having made terrible choices in the past, this man made the ultimate one that took the lives of two people. According to "Last year, North Dakota Highway Patrol troopers said 52-year-old Mark Bearce drove on the wrong side of Highway 2, resulting in the deaths of 44-year-old Stephanie Lee and a seven-year-old passenger. This was not the first time Bearce drove drunk according to Assistant Attorney General Britta Demello Rice, who showed the court cell phone footage of Bearce driving with a beer can in his hand" Driving drunk is like spinning a wheel of luck, you may continue to avoid disaster until that ONE time it stops on fatality.

Yesterday Mark Bearce found out his fate

One thing that is crystal clear - there is no going back to that awful moment when Mark Bearce chose to keep driving down the road drunk off his mind and wound up killing two innocent people. No matter how many amends you make to others when you are sober and in recovery, you will have blood on your hands forever. Bearce changed his plea to guilty and apologized to the family of the victims, and his attorney claimed that his client's alcohol intake mixed with his diabetes fueled the deadly accident -  BUT would that be enough to lessen the penalty he was due to receive?

Was his sentence too LIGHT or not HEAVY enough?

"After hearing from both sides, along with reading four victim impact statements and 31 character letters, District Court Judge Benjamin Johnson sentenced Bearce to 24 years, saying that diabetes does not excuse Bearce’s actions" reported. So I ask you, was justice met yesterday? Nothing can ever replace a human life and in my opinion, keeping Mark Bearce OFF the streets will SAVE lives, however, I also believe one can change and become an example of turning your life completely around.

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