North Dakota doesn't have a native grey wolf population...but I have a unique perspective on how these "mainstays of the upper Midwest" are viewed in Northern Minnesota.

Timber wolf in winter

From my experience, they don't care for them.

Those are awesome wolfy pictures, but from the ones I saw darting across the highway, they were more coyote looking...but maybe, they were a very hungry pack.

Babbitt Minnesota is my ex-wife's hometown and I've been there plenty of times. You plow through the trees to get there and it's a pretty sweet little iron range mining town that has a beautiful lake just a bike ride away.  I got the impression that they were the stewards of the wilderness.


Y'see, Babbitt and Ely Minnesota (12 miles north) stand on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  You, not knowing any different, say so what? The BWCA is one million acres of land that you can not take motorized vehicles into- at all.

So don't even try.

So, I figured that the folks up there in Northern Minnesota were all for preserving the wild one million acres shared with Canada.

They do not.

Northern Minnesota is sick and tired of the folks in Minneapolis dictating what they can and can not do in their own backyard. One year, I was up there with my "invasive" North Dakota license plates parked outside a bar.(figures)  Some chump tried to key the word "SWAMPY" on the side of my car.  Somebody must have scared them off, because they only got SWAM on the side of my car. Jerks.

Swampys are perceived to be the southern liberals coming in during the summer season to enjoy their lakes, buy their groceries, and pet their wolves.

Minnesota has an issue with northern folks that want to eradicate the dog killing wolves wandering their neighborhoods versus the tree huggin' twin city transplants that love to see them in the garden.

For the record, there is a cool Wolf Museum and habitat unlikely located in Ely Minnesota. A town, where you can also buy a wolf in the cross-hairs t-shirt at every stand.

Good luck grey wolves.Stop eating pets.

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