Hey social media!  Things have been a little on the stale side since we all ran out of breath hollering about the "Pandemic Mitigation Strategy".  Well this story is more fun then PMS anyways.

It's got it all!  Trump to make Halloween great again, and Biden to give out free candy.  Nice to see. that even just days before an election, both sides are coming together to celebrate Halloween.  So, let's all grab a mini-snickers, pull up one of those little bitty grade school chairs and wait for the kindergartner's costume parade.  After all, they're the cutest.

Michael Nygaard writes on Facebook, that sadly the Trump and Biden Halloween decorations will not be able to attend the Halloween festivities!  The school superintendent saw to it that the teacher took it down before melting any student snowflakes.  I get it.  It's overtly political and being displayed on public school property.  Y'know, but so are these kids...

Portrait of children in Halloween costumes

Got a knife in the head zombie, bloody vampire bat, looks like a witch of some sort, and as usual Satan is also back there causing trouble.  Now, this isn't an actual photo of 2020 school kids because they'd be all masked up. But it makes a point that Halloween is a time for the irreverent, the unusual, and in the case of the first presidential debate- the HORRIFYING!

I would be a lot more concerned about what I can only assume is a Handmaids Tale outfit. That is way high up on the creep-meter.  Happy Halloween everybody may your bags run over with the good stuff.


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