First off- your dog LOVES social isolation because that means you're home more.  Your cat is either pet-urbed you're around so much or probably just doesn't care.  Dogs on the other hand love the increased face time- literally, more time licking your face. While as of yet no dogs in the United States have tested positive for covid-19 there is a cat (a very BIG cat) that has.

It seems to me the cat would be less likely to contract the virus as as they practice all the proper rules: washing their paws constantly, maintaining a safe distance (especially from tail grabbing toddlers), and many never ever leave the house.

Dogs would roll on their backs in a big steamy pile of corona virus and then get right back to that face licking. The CDC has the facts about animal to person transmission and they seem to back up what we already know- there's much yuckier stuff lurking on that snout.

We love our pets so much.  So, now that we're spending so much more time together- let's try to figure out what's wagging their tail.

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