Who would have thought, three months under our belt in this present 2020 year, that people walking the streets, entering stores, pumping gas, would be wearing masks? The rapid flow of the coronavirus has disrupted our daily lives. I was driving through downtown Bismarck over the weekend, and I was caught up on how eerie everything is. I looked as far as I could see, and didn't see one person walking across a street, or coming out of a restuarant. Sunday morning was even more of a slow-go. I could just feel all humanity inside their respected homes/apartment buildings, curled up with their loved ones ( animals ) and maybe a human as well. Home sweet home-their safety net, but are they free of danger?

The first report of an animal infected by the virus has come out, a tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York City. Some of the other animals in the park was showing signs of the killer disease.The 4 year old animal tested positive, and so far experts said that there have not been any other reports of any other animals spreading the virus to humans. The thought comes to my mind, maybe the tiger has been dining on Frosted Flakes, and that he is feeling G  R  E  A  T ! For more on this ( minus the last lame joke of course ) head here. .



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