The month of October arrived quickly which means one thing, Halloween is just around the corner. Here are ten Halloween traditions to complete before Oct. 31!

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    Dress Up

    It wouldn't be Halloween without a good costume. Whether you want to be scary or sweet there are costume styles for everyone!

    Even if you are staying home, dress up! There is no other time of year where it is acceptable to run around as a giant banana.

    Don't forget to sign up for our Halloween Costume Contest!

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    Pumpkin Patch

    Papa's Pumpkin Patch is the perfect way to get the whole family ready for Halloween!

    Go on a horse-drawn hayride, explore the corn maze and end by picking out your own personal pumpkin!

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    After picking out the perfect pumpkin, the next step is carving them!

    You can go the traditional route and carve a face, or get a little more creative by carving your favorite team logo or cartoon character!

    Get some creative carving templates here.

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    Decorate Home

    Get into the Halloween spirit by decorating your home as a family.

    All you need are some cobwebs, black cats and headstones and you're set!

    If you're feeling extra crafty, there are many do-it-yourself decorations!

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    Watch Hocus Pocus

    Hocus Pocus is a 1993 Disney film that, for many, represents everything Halloween.

    If you have not seen it, make it a priority. You won't be sorry.

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    Bake Halloween Treats

    Halloween is the perfect excuse to play with your food.

    Get creative and turn normal cookies into 'witch fingers' and give your cupcakes a twist with a decorative spider!

    There are some fun Halloween food ideas here.

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    Trick-Or-Treating is one of the most well known Halloween traditions.

    Okay, if you're 30 you probably shouldn't be trick-or-treating. However, if you plan on taking any children out there are tons of great spots around Bismarck-Mandan. Plus, it's a great way to show off your costume!

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    Halloween Party

    Gather your neighbors, friends and family for a big Halloween party!

    Designate a place for your party and go all out with decorations. Don't forget to plan some spooky games and have a costume contest!

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    Mark Wilson/Getty Images

    Haunted Fort

    The Haunted Fort is North Dakota's number one scariest haunted attraction.

    It is located at Fort Abraham Lincoln, known as one of the most haunted places in North Dakota. This is one event you don't want to miss!

    Get tickets here.

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    Rich Legg/ThinkStock

    Scary Movie Marathon

    Nothing will prepare you more for Halloween than a marathon of scary movies.

    Horror movies are usually played on many television networks around Halloween. Get some friends together and watch your favorites!

    If you have Netflix, check out these classic films that are sure to freak you out!

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