In a small town of just over a thousand people and about 237 miles from Bismarck, there is a high school student who is charming everybody. With her school work and athletic ability, Ali Moses is a rock star!

“Being the girl on the football team sounds like you might be excluded, but I’m definitely part of the team,”

According to the Inforum, this senior who is a linebacker for Thompson High School is no stranger to football - playing since she was in the sixth grade. Hanging out and playing the game with boys her age, she decided to try out for the team the next year. Just one thing though, she needed to clear that idea with her parents

The start of something huge

That was probably one of the toughest hurdles she had to face, to ask her parents if she could step on the football field “My dad, surprisingly, was kind of OK with it. My mom was a little bit hesitant at first, I think I’m a pretty good convincer, I guess.” Moses relayed to the Inforum.

So much more than football

Besides lacing up her cleats, Ali is a stellar student with a 4.0 GPA - and as you can imagine she is well known in Thompson for her community work, as she volunteers at Thompson's fire department. Nothing seems to stop Ali when she is determined to do something.

Remember when not too long ago...

It doesn't seem that long ago when society would gasp if a girl was a member of a sport that was deemed "just for men only" -  But that attitude has turned - we have accepted the notion that ANYONE, male or female, can follow their dream and make it happen. When asked how she manages all of her time entwined with sports, school, and volunteering, Ali had the perfect answer for the Inforum “I kind of just live day by day. I just take it as it comes, I enjoy doing pretty much all of it, so I make time to do all the things because I enjoy doing them.”  My opinion is this  - that's what life is all about, to grow a well-rounded human being.



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