This sad story developed back in early October when Glasser Images had to close their doors back in early October

The long list of "To Do's " can be pretty overwhelming when after the EASY part ( asking him or her to marry you ) was done, now that they said "Yes", planning a wedding takes time. All the arrangements have to be done, where the wedding will take place, what date works best for all concerned, where to find a caterer, just who or who will not be invited can give you ulcers. So what do you think is THE most important part of a wedding? To most people, their answer would be lining up a photographer, because the pictures will be your for life, to look back and remember that special day.

The horror of hearing the worst news imaginable

Those who were about ready to tie the knot early last month received awful news when a photography business here in Bismarck, Glasser Images, shut their doors, closed for good. Many people were suddenly left without the most crucial part of a wedding. There was money that had already been left as a deposit. Imagine the horror when you just recently got married, and all your pictures were still with Glasser Images? The thought of all of that special day LOST was tragic.

Today in court some news on development with this story

According to the Inforum, "A judge has ordered Glasser Images and its owner, Jack Glasser, to take any and all steps necessary to preserve evidence relevant to the defunct business, particularly websites"  The attorney representing Glasser Images, Tim O'Keeffe, has been working with couples trying to get their pictures back. The hope from everyone concerned is that those that lost their deposit eventually get that back, and the now-married couples receive every single photo from their wedding day.


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