Why do people continue to push the boundaries of Jerkhood?

It never stops to amaze me just how petty, lame, selfish, and stupid they can be. We are living in the age of cameras everywhere, and I mean in parking lots, and every business, street corners, and of course in every neighborhood now.

Are you completely ignorant of DoorCams?

There is an idiot living in Fargo, North Dakota that apparently has not a clue just how DoorCams work. Now that we are in October, "tis the season" for Halloween, pumpkins, and decorations are starting to adorn houses in every block. One such resident Cody Landman has completely been in the spooky mood by lacing his house outside with incredible features. According to the Inforum Landman has had his house hit twice, by the same moron. All captured on camera. "The video shows a man riding up to the house on a bicycle. Getting off the bike, the man approaches the home and begins vandalizing their Halloween display. It is the second time in two weeks he has done so"

Once, twice a punk

Inforum reports that Cody and his husband have been doing this since 2016. This is an obvious act of love and a hobby that shows off his eerie talents of decorating all around his yard. The same man has been seen on camera getting off his bike and picking and choosing what to steal, and at some point even destroying some of his work. Click here and you can see this moron at work.

I agree 100% with how Cody feels

Landman told the Inforum "..."What are you gaining from this? What makes you think that this is remotely okay?..." No kidding? How lame and pathetic are you to just stop by any place you feel like, and steal things? What purpose do your actions serve by destroying some of the decorations? Here is the amazing thing about Cody, not once has he called the police.

Maybe bad Halloween Karma will get him

Who knows, maybe this low-life thief is doomed to run into Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers.

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