I'm a big sports fan and I do love Major League Baseball.  And it looks the wave of being politically correct has this time around hit the Cleveland Indians.   Like it or not----The Cleveland Indians announced that Chief Wahoo, the long-time smiling cartoon character associated with the team for 7 decades, will no longer be their primary logo.


Mounting criticism from those who believe the character depiction is racist is likely the main reason why he's slowly being phased out. The team says they will use their simple "C" logo most of the time, although fans will continue to see Chief Wahoo on their home caps and jerseys ... for now anyway.

Elsewhere in baseball logo change news, the Pittsburgh Pirates – who apparently don't want to offend swashbuckling buccaneers--and there are soooooooo many of those out there.  Maybe the pirates in Somalia??? – Pittsburgh is getting rid of their eye-patch-wearing Jolly Roger character as their primary logo, opting instead to use the gold "P" logo most of the time. Do you think that's going a little too far?  Wonder which team will be next?  I'd guess the Atlanta Braves should be the next team that gets scrutinized.  We shall see!!  (Yahoo)

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