Solidarity is a powerful motivator. KFYR TV has reported that CHI St. Alexius Health Nurses in Bismarck who are affiliated with the Minnesota Nurses Association will be picketing outside the hospital Thursday, June 25th from 3 p.m.-9 p.m.

Negotiations between any groups can come to a stand still, where it's almost impossible to meet in the middle.  Sometimes what it takes is a little nudge. If you choose, you can be a part of Thursday's "nudge". The public is invited to join the picketers in a sign of support and solidarity.

In March of 2019, nurses at CHI St. Alexius overwhelmingly voted to join the Minnesota Nurses Association.  Why Minnesota?  RN Angie Grosz had this to say in 2019-

This victory is especially noteworthy because North Dakota has anti-union laws that discourage unionizing. It shows that working families know that unions help them build better lives for their families and communities.

So, the unionization hasn't exactly turned the tide, as there have been 20 bargaining sessions since August 2019.  The education organization North Dakota United is supporting Thursday's event on their Facebook page. Again, solidarity is often the only force that can "move the needle" when it comes to negotiations. But support from the public is critical in establishing a stronger bargaining position.

I certainly am not aware of all the issues involved in creating this impasse, but a person could learn a lot by asking people in the picket line outside St. Alexius Thursday from 3-9.  Most likely you'd just hear one side of the story- but it's a start.

If you'd like to participate please stay socially distant and for goodness sake- wear a mask!  The health pros do all the time.


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